Rubber making machine’s Significance

Rubber is used extensively in almost every product found in the world from computers, pipes, swimming caps, water proof shoes, phone covers and the list is chronic. The rubber is of two types: natural rubber (Latex grown) & Synthetic rubber (developed in laboratory). The natural rubber is extracted from the bark of trees which is further processed to make rubber. However, the natural rubber does not produce a lot of quantity as per its need in the human society which is why synthetic rubber is produced using chemical such as styrene butadiene, polyacrylics, polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl chloride and olychloroprene.

The rubber which is commercially produced is the type of synthetic rubber and producing it in bulk quantities for various other industries require colossal machines to process and make it usable. There are several machines which are involved in the processing of rubber and some of them can be traced below:

  • Rubber crushing machines: This machine is used in crushing the rubber which can be later used for different purposes. The machine requires maintenance and spare parts such as bearings and high speed rotary unions.
  • Mixing mills: Mixing mills are used for kneading, grinding and refining the processed rubber which can be shaped further in order to finish the process. The mills are made from robust material which has high drive efficiency, long life and easy maintenance.
  • Triplex rubber extruder: this particular machine is used for the extrusion of tire tread and is used on a regular basis at any rubber processing factory.

The quality of rubber highly depends upon the type and quality of the machines used in the factories. This is why it is important to purchase the correct machinery for the production and other major processes involved with it. Thus, choosing the right supplier of the machinery is important and many machine manufacturers offer customized machines which need to be checked before bought. The machines usually are sold with warranties and also with the assurance of spare parts availability as rubber is a sticky business which requires few parts’ changes every now and then.


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