Internal mixer

One of the most widely used and important machinery in the rubber industry, internal mixers are used to mix together rubber materials to produce different kinds of rubber for use in various industries. Internal mixers play a very important role because it ultimately determines the functional characteristics of the final rubber product, which is why there is a huge selection of internal mixers available in the market based on different mixing needs. Mixing needs in turn are determined by the kind of rubber compounds to be mixed, quality requirement as well as the production need.

The two most popular categories of internal mixers include Tangential and Intermeshing Mixers and choice of one or both is based on the production need. For instance industrial rubber production requires intermeshing mixers since quality is a paramount factor. The tire manufacturing industry on the other hand requires tangential mixers since productivity plays a more significant role there. However the introduction of modern materials like silicone and emphasis on fuel efficient technologies has led to the availability of a new range of internal mixers that are energy efficient and compliant with a wide range of materials and mixing technologies.

Advanced high performance internal mixers available today combined with improved mixing technologies are able to produce far better quality compounds in shorter batch times. They also consume much less energy and the final output has a greater product uniformity than what was available in the past. But the greatest innovation in mixers has been the introduction of customized internal mixers which allow each component of the mixer including the rotor and the chamber volume to be customized as per product requirements. They are also capable of adapting to a wider range of materials to provide greater value for money.

Internal mixers come with both manual and automated control options depending on different production environments. They also come equipped with water temperature controls to simplify operations and increase productivity. One of the biggest challenges for the rubber industry has been to marry the speed of production with quality since running internal mixers at very high speeds causes excessive heating which has the potential to damage the rubber mix inside unless cooled immediately. However modern internal mixers come fitted with advanced rotors that are capable of functioning at high speeds in a temperature controlled environment. This improvement in internal mixers is one of the most important factors behind the improved quality of rubber available in the market today.


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