Rubber cutter machine

Ever since the use of plastics in all shapes and forms has become widespread, rubber manufacturing industry has gained in size and importance. Humans use plastics in various different ways which require rubber to be cut and manufactured in various different ways for meeting different plastic requirements. A central process of any rubber manufacturing plant is the cutting of rubber into appropriate sizes and shapes depending upon the requirement, which is where rubber cutting machines come into play. The primary function of a rubber cutting machine is to cut any type of rubber, be it natural rubber or synthetic rubber or even any other composite material, quickly and accurately, into specified shape, size and length.


Rubber cutter machines come equipped with very low knife speed and high speed torque motor to prevent heat buildup and minimize friction between surfaces. There is a wide range of models to choose from with varied cutting capacities ranging from a minimum of 3 inches to a maximum of 48 inches lengths. Based on your specific material and length requirement, you can choose a rubber cutter machine that not only falls within your budget but also provides you with the most accurate cutting length.

Quality plays a very important role when choosing a rubber cutter machine since rubber strips needs to be cut to exact shape and size with minimum wastage and in the lowest possible cycle time. Rubber cutter machines are available in both manual and automatic mode and choice of model should be based on the thickness and nature of material being cut. Materials can include not only rubber, but also coated textiles, silicone, laminates, foam and even PU and leather. They can also come in various forms like sheets, tubes, strips, cords, blocks and rolls. With the advent of computer controlled rubber cutter machines, it is possible for one machine to perform an array of cutting tasks from varied angles and positions. However not every rubber cutting task needs an advanced rubber cutting machinery. Basic simple cutting tasks can be performed by even manual rubber cutting machines. Since investing in a rubber cutting machine is a one time activity, it is best to consult manufacturers before deciding upon which machinery can best serve your purpose and budget.

Modern forms of rubber are however making it imperative for rubber manufacturing units to employ greater flexibility in its operations which is why many units are finding it a more feasible option to investing in a higher grade machine simply as a bet against future investments.


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