Understanding overall system of dispersion kneader

Dispersion kneader is a crucial machine which is used in the process of manufacturing fridge magnetic strips. The Kneader with its exclusively designed rotors, rotor blades, pressure lid and mixing chamber allows for systematic flow of material and controlled shear mixing in the mixing chamber. This concentrated mixing achieves a consistent compound mixture with outstanding dispersion of materials. It is also suitable to produce various rubber sections or shapes, out of warm rubber or rubber compounds.

The dispersion Kneader has proved a big godsend machine for several medium and large rubber magnetic industries. Integrating international standard technological features, it represents updated technology, by giving higher outputs, through wonderful process control. Dispersion Mixer can be used in a wide range of material mixing, ranging from low viscosity bonding agents to high viscosity rubber.

Dispersion kneader is designed to meet necessities of rubber, chemical and plastic industries. Ever since its introduction, dispersion kneaders have been used widely over conventional mixers. This is also entirely attributed to irregular jacket construction that develops extraordinary cooling effect and low temperature mixing, which is a very significant feature for rubber compounds. Let’s know more about dispersion kneaders:

Dispersion kneaders are made from:
•    Alloy steel
•    Mild Steel
•    Stainless Steel

Dispersion kneader attributes:
•    exclusive jacket construction
•    Promotes cooling and low temperature mixing
•    Improve the dispersion and prevention of scorching

Dispersion kneader is used by:
•    Mixing procedures ranging from low viscosity adhesives to high gumminess rubber
•    Excellent dispersal- Maximum dispersion is making possible by double bladed rotors,      unique jacketing, adequate clearance and rotor construction.
•    Easy Cleaning- Tilting of mixing chamber helps in whole inspection and easy cleaning.
•    Enhanced wear resistance- Wear resistance is improved by rotors made of alloy steel, with their edges stilted and helical gears made of alloy steel forging.
•    Dust gathering-  The specially designed dust collector collects burst powder which saves raw material and prevents pollution.


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