Metal Hose Manufacturers: Annapurna Exim Pvt. Ltd.

A metal hose is a small yet significant part of any machinery that requires transfer of gases or liquids at either high temperature or high pressure and sometimes both without losing its shape, color or form. There are many applications that require metal hose for instance

  • When the pipe system expands due to application of either high heat or high pressure, metal hose is required in order to absorb the expansion.
  • When the piping system gets misaligned, installing a metal hose can help to get it realigned.
  • When fluids and gases subjected to high temperatures have to be transmitted  under vacuum or high pressure conditions through the piping system, a metal hose is required to ensure the high heat and pressure does not cause the system to collapse or bend
  • When a system is subjected to corrosive materials, heavy handling or high heat, metal hoses help protect the system.

A low quality metal hose can cause your entire machinery to collapse which is why even though a relatively small component, it is nevertheless a critical part of any machinery. Metal hoses are extensively used in many industries like power generation industry, petroleum industry as well as in industrial grade ventilation systems. High quality flexible metal hoses can enhance the life of machinery and improve its functioning by preventing cracks to occur in the machine piping due to prolonged exposure to stress. They also prevent gaskets, flanges and joints from developing leaks due to high level of tension caused by hot media passing through them.


Modern flexible metal hoses like the ones manufactured by Annapurna can also be prefabricated and manufactured making the entire process of assembly much simpler and easier. Also they can be mounted and decoupled easily for routine maintenance, an essential requirement for heavy machinery.

Metal hoses can be custom designed based on desired wall thickness. Depending on the level of corrosion resistance required, temperature and pressure it will be subjected to as well as the flexibility of operation required, metal hoses can be manufactured with extreme or low wall thickness.

There are many reasons why industries are making a switch to metal hoses compared to other material hoses, primary being the fact that they are more cost efficient and provide higher resistance to abrasion than other materials. Also metal hoses can endure a significant range of highly corrosive chemicals which is why its use in the rubber and plastics industry is growing. It also has the ability to handle extreme temperatures without losing or bending shape, it retains its shape and performance even when subjected to neither very high nor extremely low temperatures.


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